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How Our Referral Program Works

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Provide Your Customer's Information

To start, simply fill out the form. Give us as many details as possible so we can initiate the sales process on our end.

We Call Your Client

A member of our management team will call your customer and walk them through the options available for their home.

You Earn a Referral Fee

Every new client referred by you will net you a commission; we'll pay you 25% for new property management contracts & 10% for tenant placement only.


Why Refer Customers?

Learn How You Benefit

Protect Your Future Sales

Sending clients to us doesn't mean saying goodbye to future sales. Instead, we'll take care of the property management for the rental. When the time comes for a sale, we'll point them back to you.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Liability

Don't open yourself up to liability; let us take on the challenge of providing the proper advice on insurance, housing regulations, and federal law. We do the hard stuff for you and you keep your interests protected.

Our Team Creates a Detailed Contract

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to find the right partners for your business. We want you to rest easy working with our team, so we create detailed contracts to outline the expectations on both sides of the referral relationship.

We Keep You Looking Good

We understand how important it is to protect your reputation in the real estate industry, which is why we work hard to keep clients happy. Your customers will love us and thank you for the recommendation!

Earn Unlimited Referral Fees

Every time one of your referred clients signs a property management contract we pay you a referral fee. Earn 25% for property management contracts and 10% for those who opt for tenant placement only.

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